The Toilet as the Seat of Male Power

The Toilet as the Seat of Male Power

The introduction of the sitting toilet to pre-history was the mark of the male coming to power. The sitting toilet is, by definition, defined by the associated posture. It’s lineage is that of the throne, of the chair, that icon of homo sapiens superiority. As sapiens struggled for a self awareness different to other homo’s, sapiens sought differences between them. Sapiens sat on a chair, dominated the chair. Two legs bad, four legs good, six legs better. The sitting toilet is intimately connected to class struggle. The indoor toilet, a defining characteristic of the western middle classes.

Control of human waste is central to society and civilisation. At some point in the past, the pendulum of authority changed its’ direction, swinging from the female, to the new male rebels. At some pre-historic epoc, the Goddess worshipping, hunter gatherer groups accreted to a particular density, requiring significant attention to sanitation. Before that, waste was disposed of, by venturing as short a distance from your bed as was possible. When the population density increased, so did the distance ventured. It should be noted that this act of sanitation would put the evacuator at a greatly increased risk and of attack, children particularly so. The new male challengers, offered protection by controlling and man-aging.

The new male rebels stood to micturate far more frequently than they sat to defecate. Why define and design the sitting toilet so? What the sitting toilet does do, gloriously, is collect a golden stream of urine at the end of a balletic arc. Presented to the standing male with thunderous roar of approval the excretia plunges into the expectant water in its’ porcelain container. Indeed the word ‘urine’ is related to Greek ouron, Latin ūrīnāre  to plunge under water. Freuds’ anal stage conveniently ignores the urethral, denies it. Unable to surrender for examination this exclusively male, pleasurable pass(piss)time, Freud protects it, from himself, in the deepest recesses of his psyche.

This concession to the infant males’ mental meanderings is a dangerous, misogynistic, domination. End the domination of the sitting toilet and end the domination of the eternally childish, patriarchal structures in society. The sitting toilet is physiologically repugnant, responsible for countless, needless deaths. Falls, slips, breakages, fatal valsalva maneuvers and drops in blood pressure. Not to mention its’ role in the misery inflicted by hemorrhoids, the curse of the affluent(effluent) west.

The feminine squatting toilet serves as a counterpoint. Superior in every way but one. The lower caste, squatting toilet forces the body into a natural position for elimination. Unlike the twisted contortion achieved, necessary for expulsion, whilst sitting. The only disadvantage of the squat appears to be for penile urination. The boy child doesn’t enjoy his piss as much. The boy is preferred over the girl. This preference is manifested during the inevitable trauma of toilet training. To appease the boy child, the sitting toilet is evolves. Today this evolutionary battle continues in the positioning of the seat and lid. Mothers (and less so, daughters) demands for control of this positioning is a symbolic challenge for a return to feminine dominance.

Edit 26/09/2012

And if you don’t believe me, will you listen to Stanford University?


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