The Day Before, The Day Before

As I sit, in a saggy, probably sweaty, pair of sweatpants and hoodie, on a saggy and sweaty fake leather chair (the leather, the chair’s real). I wonder about what I should be doing. So far this morning I’ve drunk my morning cup of coffee, eaten toast, logged onto & made a new friend on FaceBook, had a smoke and then watched 4 episodes of Modern Family back to back.

Is this what I should be doing the day before, the day before the biggest day of my professional life? This afternoon I need to be sober enough to debate the future of Library Camp with the Arts Council. Their director contacted Library Camp to introduce one of the councils’ senior officers. Who is giving up, a part of, her day off to accommodate my schedule.

But this is who I am, this is what I do. And though I frequently disappoint myself, I’m amazed, by what I do do. Including my grasp of grammatical norms.

“Only I know how dumb I am, and I know I can be really, really stupid*. Yet I’m smarter than almost everyone that I meet.” Joe Rogan

*posting bunches of keys instead of the letter in the other hand, finally finding the lost jar of coffee in the fridge


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