I Don’t Vote

I don’t vote; there I said it. I’m neither embarrassed nor proud about abstention. I’ve often wondered why I don’t. I’m relatively intelligent, I read, like clever telly, I internet and everything. But I don’t vote.

I’ve always thought that for me, being a bit of a lazy hippy has more to do with my not voting than any ideology. Unless I’m under a direct physical threat, I find doing anything a chore. The womb like warmth and security of a couple of duvets has a far greater lure than any corporeal action.

“Maaan, my bed is like a fucking womb….I need, at least, 6 hours sleep a day. And another 8 at night” Bill Hicks

“I hate quoting XXXX. What can you do about people you don’t want to quote but who are still the ones who have said it most succinctly?” Peter Hoeg

My searching for the path of least resistance comes to define my character.  Looking back through these 12mths worth of posts, at least three are entirely other people’s work. This one is a commentary on a commentary of a commentary. Most of the others have huge chunks of material lifted, and quoted, from others. Why? Because it’s easier than creating new content. Honest, genuinely individual thoughts are rare.

But my political abstention cannot solely be attributed to mental laziness. I can vividly recall the revelation I underwent, discovering anarchy for the first time. I’d always understood “anarchy” as a curse word, if not a curse. To read its description in Encarta ’95, affected me profoundly. Its etymology “without ruler” forced a complete reversal of understanding, from abhorrence to aspiration. Its simple truth suggested a flood of thought that undermines the foundations of any and all political ideology.

Anarchy continues to be the political bogeyman haunting society. If you speak its name 3 times into the (Sunday) Mirror it’ll rape and murder you. Whenever loads of pissed off people set fire to stuff, the hoary old ANARCHY!  clichés are dragged out. Anarchy can be a eutopic state of civilisation. A civilised state perfectly poised midway between stability and fluidity. Our willful ignorance of this, our deliberately ignoring the potential positive aspects of anarchy, hint at a fearful, selfish and essentially infantile behaviour.

To me anarchy is being rather than doing. It is a state of mind, of freedom. It is not about fucking The Man. It is loving and helping others, not smashing things. Smashing things, monkeys hitting each other with sticks is, quite simply, the highest aspiration the warrior can achieve. War isn’t hell, war is for kids, and monkeys. “Killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder” Whether you’re a thug in a pub or a monk studying your meditative martial art, to me you’re nothing more than a monkey with a stick. I realise that you’ve dedicated your life to studying your *ahem* art, I’m just telling you, you’re no more an artist than the grunt in the pub unable to express themselves other than by hitting others, with or without a stick.

I don’t vote, I think that it’s beneath me, I’m better than that. I don’t criticise the politically passionate, if politics makes them a better person making a better world then they have my v….err backing.


One thought on “I Don’t Vote

  1. Seriously hope you are a married man because your wife would have such a laugh with you. You are still the same as you were at ten ( mentally ) plus your just like victor meldrew… Quite a pleasure reading you, thanks.

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