Umbrellas and UNbrellas

I wanted to clear up any confusion about the ticketing policy for UNbrella at CILIP’s Umbrella. In particular, whether a ticket for Umbrella is needed.
The short answer is yes, a ticket is needed.
Or part in any befuddlement arose from plans, half made, 6 months ago. After our proposed paper paper for Umbrella was rejected, we started to plan a fringe event. I’d already booked time off work and wanted to make the most of it. We quickly found an audience for the event, others who were keen to meet up and talk shop but for one reason or another, actually most of the time it was paying for it, couldn’t go to Umbrella.

There was a real Library Camp virtual buzz and, with hindsight, we should have put more effort into it. We’ve said countless times before Library Camps are easy to organise, build it and they will come.

What happened?

We took the easy option, CILIP asked us if we’d be interested in running a Library Camp at Umbrella, we said yes and focussed on that rather than the fringe event. Sue and I have both been surprised, flattered and more than a little embarrassed by the level of interest maintained in our initial plan. We foolishly thought the few conversations would have fallen from the twittersphere. Once again we underestimated the enthusiasm for Librarians to want to sit in a pub and talk about Libraries;)

This is another reason we are exploring the possibility of a salaried LibCamp-er. “We’re only volunteers” can only be an excuse for so long.


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