10,000 hours

3 hours a day, for 10 years.

It’s nothing is it?

I sleep for 8 at night,  I work for 7 hrs a day.

Three hours is a blip.

10,000 hours, easily managed. I might not have done 3 hrs everyday but I certainly did it most days, for way more than 10 years. And some days I’m sure I did a damn sight more than 3. I remember this one time where I did it for 10hrs straight.

What it is I did doesn’t matter because I didn’t do it. I can’t begin to imagine making such a commitment to myself, such dedication has always eluded me. My fickle career as a child has morphed into a sickly shadow of my potential. I have a vivid recollection of an ongoing quest to find my 10,000hrs. What would I lose myself in, where would I find myself losing myself?

Grayson Perry recalled trying to play with, lose himself in, his toys and failing. He says he lost the ability to play with his toys around the same time he threw his first pot, found his art. Is this why we play? To occupy our childhood selves until we can grow up and pick up our tools.



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