A Dangerous Act

…….AAaaaaaaand it’s gone.

Our Crowdfunder failed, our glorious attempt to highlight the golden jubilee fell short. Fell short is an understatement, falling short is the political euphemism for a near miss. If something nearly misses something else, it hits it. A near miss is a fucking hit and we were off by %94.4

Only slightly more than one in twenty of the necessary pounds were raised, our message didn’t even reach one in ten of the required minimum number of ears. We needed more than ten times the numbers of tweets, emails, blogs and Facebook posts. We needed to put nearly twenty times the effort and expend nearly twenty times the energy to ensure success.

We are sorry and apologise to all those who believed. Are we still committed to the cause? Absolutely yes. Were we committed enough? Evidently no. However disheartening this is for those who advocated, applauded,  amplified, aided , abetted and actually pledged: it’s worse for us.

“Politics is draining” a friend said. I understood that as a reason I don’t want to politics and don’t want to climb career or social ladders. The post masturbatory spent emptiness is not an aspiration. I find maintaining a turgid demeanour in the face of the politically bukkakked, pointless. I work, I care for my boy, I have chores, I study and yeah I do slack off occasionally, not as much I have in the past, I will lurk in some dismal corners of the internet…..and there were times when I was so lonesome, I took some comfort there.

Well then Library Camp, now what? After the mental equivalent of being kicked in the crotch, we’re lying on our back cycling our legs in an attempt to relocate our nads. As the painful throbbing recedes, we realise that although we didn’t do enough, we did more than anyone else. And not just more, to recognise the golden jubilee of the Public Libraries & Museums Act, than anyone else, infinitely more than anyone else as no one else did anything else. I take some consolation from that, not enough to dull that throbbing pain, some. It’s almost as if, in ignoring the July 31st anniversary, some are saying that because  the Act is behind us, we are right and all will be right. That there is no argument, we need no change, we are perfect. Dangerous indeed, however exaggerated.

We take more consolation from the experience of failing, of getting back up, of learning what not to do next time. Most of all I take consolation from the new friends we’ve met because of the idea. That there are others…..who knows first and foremost the most vital necessity in this life is they know how to throw a PARTY!



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