Mixed Poems from a long time ago


They slip through their lives with the greatest of ease.

They find their own path of resistance least.

Through turmoil and trauma, they’ll blindly ignore,

the obvious panic of the facts placed before.

Yet somehow we know those dry eyes are lying.

And beneath a front, they’re killing themselves crying.

So what causes pain, to a mind set thus?

A splinter in it’s eye, could it be because.

These are the minds that also witness,

the shattered path stalked by the witless.


A line or two.

A line or two is all I can do,

for that bit that’s often missed,

for that bit that’s rarely kissed.

I’ll try all I can, I’ll try all I’m able,

to woo your sweet centre,

to gaze at your navel.


Never met a man, worse than I am.

I’m to blame for every death of the war,

I’m responsible for society’s more’s.

I am waste, I am spoil, I am sin, I am soiled.

It is my fault, my hero’s lie.

Buck stops with me, billions die.

Wealth without worth.

Laugh with no mirth.

All this I accept,

these burdens I’ll try,

to shoulder my best,

tears in my eye.

As a life is alive.

I will live it with a love,

coming from within, not from above


We say.

“It’s not natural!” We say.

“It’s not right!” Is our cry.

“For a dick and an ass,

to become unified.

Nuclear power, mobile ring tones.

Building bricks and de-militarised zones.

Those are all natural, those are all right.

But it is forbidden, to have a pink shite.

Farming, driving and building golf courses.

Depression, stress, associated neuroses.

Those are Homo Sapiens, all divinely judged.

As you’ll find yourself, if you’re caught packing fudge.

It’s uncivilised you see,

un-human, in our opinion.

For a prick and a bum,

to become one in union.


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