Name Badges Vs. Lanyards

I’ve never worn a name badge.

I came close, once. I managed to get a job in a Burger King and went to a an induction, never worked a shift.

I started my most recent job about 5 years ago, they gave me an I.D. pass on a lanyard. It’s only last year that I’ll wear it outside. I would habitually take it off before going to the shop, rarely if ever forgot to do that. I don’t want to advertise my affiliation.

I’ve been asked to wear a name badge before. Told to, given one and explained though I was required to wear it, I could print my own label. They didn’t really catch on, were mentioned less and less eventually falling out of use. And my “Dick” was retired to my pigeon hole.

I would never, have never and will never, read a stranger’s name on their name badge and call them by it. Knowing someone’s name is intimately personal, shouldn’t be taken lightly. Calling someone by their name after reading it on a badge, is an insult, an abuse of power, an arrogant act . It isn’t natural to let someone know your name when you don’t know their’s. Names are the last of the magic words, a word, a mouth noise* that retains it’s authority from a time before the written word, before proto-indo-european. Before language? Where spells became recipes, chants became chats and curses become swearys, the name retains it’s power.

Try it, call an incantation, scream a spell or murmur an oath and see what super or preter-natural events occur. Stand in an candle lit arcane symbol and call out your demon or deity’s name and wait. After Nietzsche’s mad monk atheism is the norm with only the helpless left proclaiming divinity. Speak someone’s name in a busy hall and they’ll hear it before you’ve said it, probably.


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