Free Speech. Or everyone has the right to sound like Hitler

Invoking Godwin’s Law of Internet Forums: Hitler said nothing wrong, we have the right to repeat his words. The free speech debate is ultimately debating the right to command or incite physical violence. Free Speech must have that right. I have no absolute control over what anyone else thinks and no one else has absolute control over what I think. I wince when I see you stub your toe. I may cry when you cry or when you laugh. But I think, therefore I am.

Why would I want to sound like Hitler? Well it’s not just to piss you off, though I won’t insult and deny. I will speak freely to advance the argument. Thinking the previously unthinkable, however wrong it may be, advances the argument. Even if that advance, is that the idea is wrong.

Physically violent abuse is worse than mental abuse. Mental abuse is inherent in physical abuse. Mental abuse, by definition, excludes physical abuse. Physicality is a constant, touch is binary, on or off, touching/not touching. Mental abuse is a spectrum, what’s devastating to one is a joke to another.


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