Information Density

I don’t know about you but I fucking have to know. I have to know. Something, I have to know something even if it’s the most piss-ant-y tiny morsel of a scrap of a something, I want to know it.

If the only true knowledge is knowing that you know nothing. Then entropy’s direction is the very least we can intuit.

“Shit Happens!” if you will.

Entropy’s direction appears in Shannon’s 1948 “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” as a function of information accretion, of the increase in information density. And information accretes increasingly “Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003”* or more accurately “By 2003, mankind had generated a shitload of information. Now we generate a shitload every day.”**

Denial of shit actually happening is sure to put you in a minority, more importantly put you in a minority that you yourself disagree with. Not a cool culty ‘give us a few years and we’ll be popular’ minority either (unless you class Heaven’s Gate-ers as cool). Trying to stop the accretion of information is similarly absurd and similarly futile.

* Eric Schmidt

** turboneat


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